Larry Leadhead (Doug & Eric Interview)

  • Ein Interview mit den Machern von Larry Leadhead
    1.) Doug & Eric, the website was launched in 2000, but when does you two have had the idea for the comic strips ?

    One evening many years before, when Doug Hamm had just finished painting some World War 2 figures and was looking at them, his wife asked ‘what are they?’ He responded, ‘a light machine gun.’ She shook her head in mock exasperation and replied, ‘A light machine gun? What, does it kill a third less people?’

    Well, Doug thought that was funny, loved to read the newspaper cartoons and thought he could draw...but really cannot!

    Because he could not draw Doug would use appropriate Beetle Bailey and Hagar the Horrible characters to trace for his cartoon. Larry always wears a kepi (his cap) as he was originally a Hagar tracing but Doug needed to replace Hagar's horned helmet and the cap could be put into the correct angle to suit the tracing.

    Eric Hotz approached Doug one club meeting and asked if he could help with the illustrating his cartoon. Doug knew Eric for a long time and knew his good character and his exceptional talent as an artist. With collaborations, the quality of the person is as important as all other factors. Doug admires a fellow who says ‘I really think your humor is very good. Your cartoons are funny, but just cannot ****ing draw!!’

    While the cartoon has been around since 1996, it was not until Eric began to do the illustration work and create the website in the year 2000, that "Larry Lead head" has taken its form today.

    2.) Doug & Eric, are you two the only persons behind Larry Leadhead ?

    Yes, but we steal ideas and obtain our captions from all wargamers, so in a sense, all wargamers are Larry Leadhead.

    3.) Where is your residence ?

    Eric and Doug live in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada

    4.) Short description of yourself (t a short CV, where you were born, how old you are, hobbies etc.)

    We are both fourty something of age, both wargamers since a young age, we do not have any other hobbies but gaming. Sad but true.

    5.) Do you play tabletops / wargames? And if you do so, do you have some favourite games?

    Hmm, for Eric he likes "Roman Seas", "Gold Town", and "Canvas Eagles" all of which he has created! He also has a large 6mm ACW collection. Doug like everything. He has armies in every scale and era. Both of us have whole rooms devoted just to storage of the models and figures and terrain and.....

    6.) And if you play, how did you get into the tabletops/wargames hobby?

    IfF?? If??!! Of course we play! Since old enough to hold dice (so says Doug's mother)

    7.) Do you have favorite comics?

    We both read the cartoon strips in the newspapers, so we decided the newspaper cartoon format is one universally known and familiar so we have continued with this style. Perhaps not all that flexible , but identifiable

    8.) How did you come to the name Larry Leadhead for your "hero"?

    "Leadhead" is a variation on the "Deadhead" the follower of the old Grateful Dead music band. The inference to the wargamer's constant thoughts always on lead (as in miniatures). "Larry" rhymed, and is a fitting name to this character.

    9.) And are the other Characters based on real persons?


    10.) Do you have any tips for an amateur illustrator or author?

    nly do it if you have persistance, can meet deadlines, and have a well paying job :)

    11.) What are your future plans? What are you working on now??

    If you are questioning what new armies are they going to collect? Probably all by the end --they ARE wargamers of course! But as a comic strip? Hmm, I guess we continue to produce them (we have over 700 done now with a book published--see the Website for details--wink,wink.) Wargaming knows no lack of self-effacing humor!


    nice to talk with you,

    ...Doug and Eric

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