Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 89

      Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 89

      Die Ausgabe 89 der Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy bietet zum Preis von 5,95 € die folgenden Themen:

      Special Feature: 1777 - The Year of the Hangman
      • Steve Jones, 'The 1777 campaign to seize Philadelphia - The year of the hangman'.
      • Steve Jones, 'An introduction to receating the campaign - The Philadelphia and back again'.
      • Steve Jones, '11th September, 1777 - Birmingham Meeting House'.
      • Steve Jones, '16th September, 1777 - The Battle of the Clouds'.
      • Steve Jones, '4th October, 1777 - Germantown'.
      • Guy Bowers, 'The troops of King George for the AWI - The British are coming'.

      • Stuart Jordan, 'Bitesize Battles goes medieval - The Battle of Rottingdean'.
      • Dillon Browne, 'The Battle of Chalgrove Field, 18 June 1643 - Death of 'The patriot'.
      • Daniel Bamford, 'Knight's move: checkmate Tito? - Operation Rösselsprung'.
      • Richard Evers, 'The beginning of the First Samnite War - The Saticula Ambush'.
      • Andres Amian, 'Painting Antarean Algoryns - Strike force Zeta Ta-Ri'.
      • Stephen Tunmore, 'How to make realistic hills - Rolling countryside'.
      • Tony Harwood, 'Building a Romano-British shrin - Godmanchester temple'.

      • Miniature reviews
      • Rick Priestley, 'Up front'.
      • Henry Hyde, 'Tabletop tactics - To harry and harass'.
      • Jamie Gordon, 'The Irregular - Wargaming on the go'.
      • Guy Bowers, 'Samurai movie-inspired skirmishes - Let's play Test of Honour''.
      • Game Reviews of Kings of War Historical, SAGA: Aetius and Arthur, Dawns and Departures, Strike on Kar'A Nine, Swordpoint Dark Age Armies, and Arkeo Obskura
      • Parting Shots

      "Jaaaa, genau, vertraue der Macht. Gib Dich Deinen Gefühlen hin, male 28mm." (Sir Tobi, 30.06.09)