Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 87

      Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 87

      Die Ausgabe 87 der Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy ist erschienen. Das Schwerpunktthema ist diesmal "The English Civil War". Zu haben für 5,95 € in einer Bahnhofsbuchhandlung auch in Deiner Nähe! :D

      Column: Rick Priestley, "This gaming life - Going digital"

      Bitesize battle: Dan Mersey, "A wild west shootout with a difference - Bang! you're dead"

      Feature: Rob Broom, "The last Welsh warrior princess - Gwenllian of the great revolt"
      Feature: Piers Brand, "Armour action in Belgium - An autumn storm"
      Feature: Mark Backhouse, "Rediscovering your wargames mojo - Getting back in the saddle"
      Feature: Tony Barton, "A sculptor's first inspiration - Nostalgia in tin"

      Theme: Eoghan Kelly, "This war without an enemy - A very English Civil War"
      Theme: Michael Leck, "The Swedish influence on the Battle of Newburn"
      Theme: Mark Backhouse, "Small scale scenarios for the English Civil War"
      Theme: Nicholas Stock, "The Battles of Newbury, 1643 and Cheriton, 1644 - Soldierly actions in an unhappy war"
      Theme: Guy Bowers, "Collecting armies for the English Civil War - For God, King and parliament"
      Theme: David Imrie, "On the cover - Death befour Dishonour"

      Column: Tony Harwood, "The irregular - A labour of love or a necessary evil"

      Hobby: Tony Harwood, "Building a timber framed dovecote - The dove house"
      Hobby: Ruben Torregrosa, "Painting snow camouflage for Kharkov - White death"

      Let's play: Rossco Watkins, "Quick play colonial rules - The men who would be kings"
      Let's play: Guy Bowers, "The new big battle game from Gripping Beast - Let's play Swordpoint"

      Review: David Davies, "Game Reviews"

      Column: Richard Clarke, "Up front - Forwards or backwards"

      "Jaaaa, genau, vertraue der Macht. Gib Dich Deinen Gefühlen hin, male 28mm." (Sir Tobi, 30.06.09)