Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 85

      Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 85

      Heute war die Ausgabe 85 der Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy im Briefkasten und sollte daher in einigen Tagen hierzulande im Bahnhofsbuchhandel erhältlich sein. Der Schwerpunkt in diesem Heft trägt den Titel "Monsters of myth and legend".

      Column: Rick Priestley, "This Gaming Life - Reflections upon a podcast"

      Feature: Eoghan Kelly, "Taking the Goch-Kalkar Highway, Westfalen - The Swan House"
      Feature: David Imrie, "Recreating the First Carlist Wars in Sharp Practice - Fuerte el Diablo"
      Feature: Simon Miller, "A 'nove' approach to ancient warfare - Circesium, AD 257"
      Feature: Steve Jones, "A forgotten skirmish in the New Jersey wilderness - The Battle of Short Hills"

      Theme: Eoghan Kelly, "Creatures of our imagination, past and present - Monster? monster? where monster?"
      Theme: Jordan Bowers, "A wolf in the fold of Frostgrave - Monster hunter"
      Theme: Jamie Gordon, "If it bleeds, we can kill it - Surviving the horror"
      Theme: Michael Leck, "The Viking again-walkers are coming - Draugar"
      Theme: Colin Phillips, "Boarding the Blue Noah - Unknown ship on my bearing"
      Theme: Guy Bowers, "Out from the darkness - Monstres and their kynde"
      Theme: Roy Duffy, "A monster of a front cover - I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and darkness"

      Column: Daniel Bamford, "The irregular - Reality check: defending history"

      Hobby: Stephen Tunmore, "A bit of vegetation for your wargames table - Seeing the wood from the trees"
      Hobby: Tony Harwood, "A decorative mausoleum - Building your own tomb"
      Hobby: Peter van Dop, "Making your own floors - Hey, there's an article in that!"

      Let's play: David Davies, "A fast and Fury-ous tank duel game - Let's play Tanks"
      Let's play: Guy Bowers, "Gaming with the walking dead - Let's play Project Z"

      Reviews: Ian Woolfenden, Eoghan Kelly and Chris Payne, "Game reviews"

      Column: Richard Clarke, "Up front - Inspiration"

      "Jaaaa, genau, vertraue der Macht. Gib Dich Deinen Gefühlen hin, male 28mm." (Sir Tobi, 30.06.09)